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News master99 is a short news mobile app that covers local,national&International updates in limited words for quick knowledge of current happenings of politics, sports, climate, business, movies, science and technology, devotionals and job updates.

This app has a center of attraction"QUIZ" participation which runs through AI.where news followers& students are complimented with prizes.

News master99 - has its own news reporters team who are employed for procuring genuine news to ensure the readers with original sources. No fake news will be published.

Our Categories


We covers the local, national, international updates. the way governance is acting on its people with policies, project developmental undertakings, schemes and about the progress of Indian economic growth etc.


News Master99 focus on youth settlements. It updates on recruitments from IT i.e information technology from various national & MNC's as well as government job recruitments with details of exam notifications, schedules from concerned examination commissions.


The app provides the alerts about the natural calamities of cyclones, typhoons which are instructed by the Meterological department(MD) &National disaster management authority (NDMA). which are especially useful for the farmers in local language.


This app updates about the release dates of movies, ongoing OTT platform runnings and also interesting facts of all film industries of India & International.


News master99 gives knowledge about the stock exchanges, FDI's, Trades, currency volatilites, ecommerce business etc.


We bring sport event updates of world from national& international organisations.


India is rich in its heritage & culture to promote its incredible spiritual acceptance News master99 provides information about historical places, Great constructions, temple visit timings and gatherings irrespective of religions.

Science & Technology

S&T which leads the world in finger tips is playing major role in every department n every needs of lifeNews master99 provides knowledge of recent inventions from land to space, research developments which provides students & users with useful knowledge


Here comes the special feature of Newsmaster99 runs with AI.Quiz will be conducted on regular basis and winners will be declared in short time With exiting prizes.

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Newsmaster99 is a short news app grabs the breaking news happening around The world and puts handy in a fastest mode.If queries contact as below.